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      Categories: Chemical products
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      product name: DCPD
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      Industrial Dicyclopentadiene(DCPD)
      Molecular formula:
      Production Process:
      Using by product C5fraction from ethylene production via cracking the crude oil, the product is obtained through removing the lighter fraction.
      The product is yellow transparent liquid, easy to be decomposed into cyclopentadiene when heated, with special ravity 0.955(13), melting point: 32.9, boiling point: 169.0, flash point: 32.22(open).
      Major Application:
      Dicyclopentadiene is relative. It can be used as high energy fuel. Through different reaction, it can produce metal derivative, epoxy resin, polymer, compounds like norbornene, adamantine, glutaradehyde, perfume, medicine and other fine chemicals.
      Kept away from open fire, heat source and direct sunlight, andstored in the well ventilated place. Package should be tight sealed, no touch with air. It is better to store/transport it at low temperature. It is not suitable to store it in great quantity or for very long time. It should be stored separately from oxidizer or acid.
      As hazardous matters class I, the bulk can be handed by tank truck.
      Safety Precautions:
      1. The product is inflammable, vapor flash point 32 (open), 26 (closed). It belongs to class I inflammables in respect of fire hazard classification (GBJ16), and its depolymerized product-cyclopentadiene belongs to category 3.2 in respect of hazard classification (GB6944). Therefore, it should be kept away from heat/fire sources and not in touch with nitric acid, sulfuric acid and chlorosulfonic acid.
      2. Fire due to dicyclopentadienecan be extinguished with foam, fry powder, or CO2 or sand earth, but no water.
      3. Truck for product transportation shall have hazardous material mark and necessary safety pretection.
      4. The product is toxic with stimulus action like numb and itching. Personnel who are exposed often to it will have some symptom like panasthenia, excitation, anhypnia and concentration in air is 5mg/m3. Therefore, the working place shall be kept at a good immediately leaves the site to get fresh air; if breach become difficult, oxygen shall be given. If breath stops, artificial breathing shall be made. If the discomfort continues long time or becomes severe, immediately go to the hospital.

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