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      XY-1288R Hydrocarbon Resin for Hot Melt Road Marking
      發布時間:2013-11-26 14:33:51   點擊:次   【打印】【關閉

      XY-1288R is a new resin developed specifically to meet the technical requirements for Hot melt Road Marking in China and other Asian markets.

      Hot Melt Road Marking compound made fromXY-1288Rexhibits outstanding performance in the foll-owing key attributes:

      Light colour
      Good fluidity
      High abrasion performance
      Even distribution of filler material without settling
      Good heat stability
      High drying rate

      Other performances criteria such as weather fastness, anti-staining, abrasion and adhesion are also excellent.
      Recommended Application:

      Hot Melt Road Marking


      Other Application:

      Pressure Sensitive Adhesive


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