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      XY-F(A123)Hydrocarbon resin for Tire Rubber Compounding
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      Hydrocarbon resin for Tire Rubber Compounding
      is an aliphatic hydrocarbon resin widely used in Tire Rubber Compounding. The resin has no aromatic content, and is well compatible with natural Rubber(NR), many kinds of synthetic rubber (including SBR, BR, CR, NBR, IIR and EPDM), Polyethylene, Polypropylene, SIS, SEBS, EVA as well as natural tackifier resins (such as terpene, colophony and its derivative)
      Performance ofXY-1310in Tire Rubber Compounding:

      Excellent Green Tack, lowers Mooney viscosity of compound, has limited influence on vulcanization time and physical properties after vulcanization.
      Lowers hardness and modulus of compound after vulcanization, improves extension and chipping r-esistance performances.
      Avoid adhesion to compounding equipment
      Help fillers distritute evenly
      Light colour

      In the process of Rubber CompoundingXY-1310 can unction as tackifier, reinforcer, extend-er and processing oil.
      Recommended Application:

      Tire Rubber Compounding
      Other Applications:

      Compounding of other rubber products, like shoe sole, heel, flooring, rubber belts, rubber tube, tube for tires of all sizes and many others.
      Light-coloured rubber products of everday use
      Pressure Sensitive adhesive
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