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      XY2315 Hydrocarbon resins for Hot Melt Adhesive
      發布時間:2013-11-26 14:30:07   點擊:次   【打印】【關閉

      hydrocarbon resins have become the industry standard in the adhesive and sealant industry worlwide.xy-1310are hydrocarbon resins suitable for Hot Melt Adh-esives, including quick packaging adhesives, bookbinding adhesives, wood adhesives and glue sticks. They have excellent compatibility with EVA, APAO, styrene block polymers (such as SI-S, SEBS, SBS), Natural Rubber and many kinds of synthetic rubbers, as well as natural tackifier resins(such as terpene, colophonyl and its derivatives). They provide enhanced performance in H-ot Melt Adhesive applications.

      Attributes of XY-1310 in Hot Melt Adhesives:
      Good adhesivity
      Excellent aging stability
      Light colour
      Good open time/set time balance
      Excellent aging stability
      High transparancy
      Good open time/set time balance
      Excellent aging stability
      High transparancy
      Light colour
      XY-1310 can be used singly as tackifier resin in Hot Melt Adhesive, and can also be used in blends with different resins to improve adhesive performance.
      Recommended Application:
      Hot Melt Adhesive
      Other Applications:
      Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
      Solvent Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesives.
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